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Alex Bochannek alex at p9.com
Sat Jun 19 21:04:52 PDT 2004

Whenever I come across interesting, computer-historical information I file 
it away. Here are some tidbits about Zuse that I have collected:

1934	Konrad Zuse arrives at basic concept for program controlled
	calculator; designs calculation forms
1935	Zuse completes his studies and joins Henschel Flugzeugwerke
1936	Konrad Zuse quits his work at Henschel Flugzeugwerke to focus
	on building a computer; completes mechanical memory and
	applies for patent
1937	Zuse receives small amounts of financial assistance from
	Dr. Kurt Pannke
1938	Konrad Zuse completes construction of the mechanical Z1 and
	begins work on Z2 system; originally named V1 and V2
	Zuse associate Helmut Schreyer demonstrates first vaccuum
	tube-based switching system
1939	Zuse demonstrates Z2 to Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für
	Luftfahrt, which funds Z3 work
	(April) Zuse completes the Z2 (experimental relay system based
	on Z1, with mechanical memory, fixed point)
1940	Helmut Schreyer proposes vacuum tube computer; starts
	construction on small, 100 tube test system
	(April 1) Zuse-Apparatebau Berlin incorporated
1941	Zuse begins to look into programming language issues
	(May 11) Zuse programmable all-relay computer Z3 demonstrated
	(completed by December 5)
1942	Zuse-built special purpose process control computer (S1) put in
	operation at Henschel for flying bomb construction (destroyed
	in 1944)
1943	Zuse Z3 destroyed in air raid
1944	Zuse S2 process control computer with sensors for wing
	measurements completed (Hs 293 flying bomb); Zuse Z4
	operational, but not completed (relay based, but with mechanical memory)
1945	(March) Zuse offices destroyed; Konrad Zuse and his family
	escape from Berlin with the Z4 (still called V4)
	(April) Z4 demonstrated to Aerodynamische Versuchsanstalt in
	(late) Konrad Zuse finishes the Plankalkül programming
1948	Zuse establishes contacts with Deutsche Hollerith, Powers and
	Remington-Rand; Zuse taken to London for interrogation by
	British Tabulating Machine offical
1949	Zuse Z4 rental agreement signed with ETH Zurich after
	successful demonstration; Z4 refurbished and conditional jump
	implemented; Zuse KG incorporated after move to Hünfeld
	following Zuse Ingenieurbüro in 1947
1950	Leitz orders Z5 (enhanced Z4) from Zuse (delivery 1952); Zuse
	receives development deal for punched card calculators for
	Remington Rand Switzerland
	(July 11) Zuse Z4 begins regular operation at ETH Zurich
1952	ERMETH electronic computer construction begins at ETH Zurich
	based on experience with Z4 an Harvard Mark IV (completed
	(February) Design for computer SM1 based on Zuse's S1 begins
	at Flurbereinigungsamt München (completed in July 1954)
1955	Allied Forces lift restriction on electronic R&D in Germany
	Zuse Z4 moved to Institut Franco-Allemand des Recherches de
	St. Louis in France
	Zuse Z11 first delivered after Zuse KG got involved in SM1
	successor work in 1954
1956	Design of Zuse Z22 vacuum tube system begins
1958	Zuse KG starts shipping vaccuum tube/drum system Z22; and
	development of transistor system Z23 and Graphomat Z64
	(transistorized plotting system) begins
1959	Zuse Z4 decomissioned
1961	Zuse Z23 (transistorized Z22) becomes available
1963	Deutsche Museum commissions copy of Zuse Z3
	Zuse transistor/core memory system Z25 first shipment; lots of
	problems with transistor solder
1964	Zuse KG bought out initially by Rheinstahl, followed by 100%
	ownership through Brown Boveri Company
1966	Konrad Zuse leaves officer position at Zuse KG
1967	(spring) Siemens buys 70% majority of Zuse from BBC
1969	Siemens holds 100% of Zuse KG
1970	Last Zuse KG system Z43 TTL-system introduced
1971	(April 1) Zuse KG dissolved
1986	Zuse with the help of Siemens AG begins reconstruction of Z1
	(completed in 1989)
1995	Konrad Zuse dies (* 22. June 1910, Berlin/Willmersdorf)


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