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A warm thank you and happy new years' note from Earl Bloom ...

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Thanks for the Memories

       Chuck, Fran and Jim, I want you to know what a terrific experience 
it was seeing you guys again and being reminded what wonderful gentlemen 
you have always been and what great examples you were for young Engineers 
like myself on the 1401. With your unique talents and leadership, you made 
it all happen and played the major role in making what was an interesting 
experience 50 years ago into an important part of computer history!
       Thanks for guiding me through that experience then and again 
reminding me what a wonderful experience it was overall. As I said in 
ending my poem Ode to the IBM 1401, " The accomplishments of that 1401 
team are beyond measure, but the teamwork and the friendships nourished 
then and there are an incomparable treasure"!
       You have my thanks, friendship and enduring gratitude for your 
leadership and guidance to make that all happen along with my other 
lifelong friends who participated! 
Many of these friends are on the copy list but unfortunately many are no 
longer with us to celebrate our joint accomplishments. I salute them along 
with you and treasure their friendships and memory as I do yours! 
Earl Bloom
P.S.- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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